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Create your own fun on-brand meme generator for fundraising and corporate awareness campaigns. -Branded UGC Campaigns

User generated content at its best, and on-brand!

Make smart investment decisions by having a crystal clear overview of what you have.

Brand Management - UGC Campaigns

Customise to your campaign

Get a disco hair-do. Show off how fast you’ve just run. Celebrate your supporters with how much money they have raised. The Brand Meadow on-brand meme generator technology let’s you create on-brand memes and integrates directly within your campaign website or on it’s own platform.


Designed for your brand & campagin


Include stats such as milestones or amount raised plus more!


Capture user data and re-engage


Giving users the ability to be creative, while remaining on-brand

Custom UGC campagins to your brand - building trust and authenticity

Authenticity and Trust

User-generated content often comes across as more authentic and trustworthy than traditional advertising. Real users sharing real experiences can resonate more effectively with potential customers. This genuine form of endorsement can help build brand trust and credibility, which is invaluable in a marketplace saturated with advertising messages.


Consumers are 2.4 times more likely to view user-generated content as authentic compared to content created by brands (source: Stackla).


Users are more engaged with your brand if they see their firends create relatable content.


According to a study by TurnTo Networks, 90% of consumers say user-generated content holds more influence over their buying decisions than promotional emails and even search engine results. - perfect for fundraising
Increase your brand awareness through on-brand UGC campaigns

Increased Engagement and Community Building

UGC encourages active participation and interaction with the brand. Whether it's through sharing photos, creating a funny video, or participating in contests, users become active contributors to the brand's narrative. This not only fosters a sense of community among users but also keeps the brand at the top of their minds. This active engagement often leads to higher retention rates and stronger brand loyalty.


Share and/or download directly to social media channels


Higher chance of going viral with less spend on PPC and ad campaigns


Opprtunity for influencer and licence partnerships


UGC-based ads can be 4 times cheaper and can result in a 50% drop in cost-per-click (source: Stackla). is the best place for custom branded meme generators for your fundraising, content marketing campaigns
Customisable to your UGC campaign is the best place for custom branded meme generators for your fundraising, content marketing campaigns - your ideas, our reality

60% of consumers would be more loyal to a brand that invited them to be a UGC advocate.

This is just the start! We have created UGC on-brand content generators for a variety of clients and platforms.

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FarmHouse Fresh x Smurfs

Smurf into action

We have launched in partnership with FarmHouse Fresh and the fun little blue characters "Smurfs" an exciting fundraising campaign. With the aim to raise $50,000 to help FHF's animal shelter Brand Meadow created the branded meme creator.

Upload a photo of your pet, donate and share to your social media channel #FHFSmurfyPet.

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